Thursday, February 14, 2008

Take A Picture with a Friend of Another Race

Me, Morgan Chmielewski, and Alvero Durango, who is Equadorian, have these four things in common:

1. We both attend an arts school

2. We like to salsa dance

3. Our favorite color is blue

4. We love really good coffee

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Interview with Person over 70

I interviewed my grandma, Grandma. She is 79. There is about 30 minute long conversation we had if you have any interest at all to listen.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Create an Award

The Aid AIDS Award

This award is given to Paul David Hewson, also known as Bono. We decided to give this award for Bono because he is using his fame and wealth for a good cause. He created (PRODUCT)RED, which helps to raise money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. His work has educated many others about this growing epidemic and has influenced them to also become involved in fighting AIDS.

A Day Of Silence

On Tuesday Febuary 11th, Shelly and Morgan gave up something that they both relie on a lot. In this event, the two girls stopped talking for the entire day to promote AIDS awareness. The pair got a ton of reactions from a lot of different people. The second one of them didn't respond to something as simple as a "Hey," they had someone else reading the signs that were posted on thier shirts. Shelly's said, "Silent today for AIDS/HIV awareness," and Morgan's said, "I have taken a vow of silence to help promote AIDS awareness." They are certain that doing this was very effective. It was a great way to have people know that they care.

Some reactions...

The event kind of confused the Spanish teacher, but she sort of had the class join along with having them do activities on white boards.

Ms. Danilova (ballet teacher), looked ridiculously confused when she saw the sign that was pinned to Morgan's leotard. She was even more lost when Morgan didn't respond with a "here" during attendance.

Ms. Moore was very supportive of the event. She talked about AIDS in class, and told a story about a woman who was treated for AIDS for 10 years but then found out that she didn't carry the disease.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Translating to French

For this lab, I went online to find the most commonly used adjectives in the english language. Here are those words and thier translation to french (Lab #20).
1. new - nouveau
2. good - bon
3. free - libre
4. fresh - frais
5. delicious - délicieux
6. full - complètement
7. sure - sûr
8. clean - propre
9. wonderful - merveilleux
10. special - spécial

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Balloon Letters

At Thruway, Grayson and Shelly bought a beautiful balloon bouquet and set letters off with them. So far, we haven't recieved any responses.
This is what the letter said:
Dear Person who receives this balloon,
We are sending out 10 copies of this letter for a civics class. We’re not sure how to portray our cherished beliefs in this letter, however that is our task and we strive to fulfill it the best we can.
We believe in personal freedom, however also security. We want a world that is peaceful and poverty free. Every 3 seconds, a person dies from hunger and we wish to chance this. However, as students, we’re not sure how. We believe in ourselves and our families and personal independence. We believe in the rights of ourselves and others and feel that as Americans we should strive to help those less fortunate around us.
If you receive this letter, feel free to respond at We appreciate your thoughts and feedback.
Also, we believe it is wrong that we are sending our balloons into the environment, so if the balloon is still on the ground, please pick it up. We don’t want to kill any sea turtles.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Thanks to Mac for letting off balloons with us)

Holding Sign at Intersection

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
In case you can't read the sign, it says "If the fetus you save is gay, will you still fight for its rights?"
Grayson and Shelly stood in an intersection near Thruway shopping center, holding this sign along with their balloon bouquet (used in another lab). They got a lot of interesting responses. A group of guys, in their 20s, walked over to us and said they had stopped their car to get a better look at our sign because they couldn't read it (we then made the sign darker). Also, we had a bunch of stares, both good and bad. 2 people honked and gave us the thumbs up while one yelled called us assholes. It was really fulfilling to do this because we felt like we were making a difference and sending spreading the word about what we believe in.